Wed 12-03-97


LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – It looks like Bigfoot may be in demand as a sex partner – at least in Russia. That’s what a Bigfoot researcher has discovered after translating Russian documents about the creature.

Bigfoot researcher Nancy Logan claims there have been a surprising number of common law marriages between Russian citizens and Bigfoots.

Logan says the documents suggest most marriages between humans and Bigfoot involve Russian men in isolated regions who are taking in female Bigfoots.

The first known human to bed a Bigfoot was probably a woman named “Avdosha” who lived hundreds of years ago and was a hermit known for being hairier than most other women.

Supposedly, Avdosha eventually met a male Bigfoot and had his hairy kids which is why the Russians now call Bigfoot “Avdoshki.”

Logan is the author of a novel about Bigfoot called Children Of A Lost Spirit (Kideko Publishing).

CONTACT: Nancy Logan, ; LA; (310) 392-5951

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