Wed 12-03-97


LONDON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Aliens aren’t the only creatures who reportedly abduct humans – now fairies are getting into the act.

Paranormal researcher Colin Wilson says he’s uncovered reports of fairy abductions that are remarkably similar to UFO abduction tales.

It seems UFO and fairy abductees both tend to forget their experiences, they’re usually returned to the same spot from which they were abducted, and they usually describe their alien or fairy captors as looking “reptilian.”

Wilson says some paranormal investigators believe fairies are merely aliens in disguise, while others believe fairies are alien emissaries sent to prepare Earthlings for UFO abductions.

Wilson is the author of the upcoming book, Strange Vanishings: Unexplained Disappearances (Sterling Publishing), which will hit stores in January.

CONTACT: Colin Wilson, ; Arrange with Nalini Ramjit; NYC; (212) 532-7160, ext. 127

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