Wed 06-24-98 09:50 am


SENDAI CITY, Japan (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Three accidental deaths caused by “reckless yo-yoing” have authorities in Sendai City, Japan, at the end of their ropes.

The most recent case involves a 12-year-old boy who was flung onto a train track after his yo-yo became entwined around a railroad switching arm.

Another “yo-yo death” occurred after a 7-year-old girl tried swinging from a tree by wrapping her yo-yo around a branch, and the branch broke and crushed her to death.

The most violent yo-yo death occurred in April when two 11- year-old twins tried to “walk the dog” at the same time on a city street. The boys tripped over each other and were mowed down by a drunk elderly driver.

Local authorities plan on incorporating a yo-yo safety course when schools open later this year.

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