Mon 11-10-97


SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Could Big Macs and fries be the reason behind inner city violence?

There may be a link according to nutrition expert David Wolfe, who claims inner city violence is on the rise because malnourished residents are eating too much fast food.

Wolfe says research show that humans become less violent, more peaceful and need less sleep when they eat nothing but raw fruits and vegetables.

Although there aren’t too many fresh veggies available in the winter, Wolfe says inner city folks can still eat well by eating nuts, sprouts and potatoes.

Wolfe shares other secrets of raw food in a new book called Nature’s First Law: The Raw Food Diet (Mawl Brothers Publishing).

CONTACT: David Wolfe, *****; Arrange interviews thru Susan Wildes; LA; (213) 650-9862

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