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NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A physicist from Columbia University is blowing a hole in the new asteroid disaster flick Armageddon.

Dr. Stuart Samuel says much of the so-called “scientific” information in the movie is nothing but poppycock.

For starters, Samuel says it’s unlikely an asteroid the size of Texas would knock loose from its orbit and crash into the Earth in only 18 days. The truth is asteroids of that size are firmly locked in a closely watched asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter.

Even on the odd chance that a passing comet threw one of the asteroids in Earth’s direction, Samuel says the errant asteroid would need more than a year to reach Earth.

Dr. Samuel also gives the movie an F for the appearance of the asteroid. The phony, jagged-edge Hollywood asteroid looks nothing like real asteroids which are usually flat and smooth like the moon.

Finally, the physicist says there’s no way Bruce Willis and company could save Earth by nuking the asteroid out of the way. Samuel says the bombing might create a huge crater in the asteroid – but it wouldn’t deflect its path.

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