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MACCLESFIELD, England (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A British performer who makes music by passing gas is releasing the world’s first CD featuring tooting tunes.

Performer Paul Oldfield – aka Mr. Methane – says he’s releasing an album this Friday (Sept. 25) called “Mr.,” which highlights his unusual talent.

Some of the tunes on the CD include a dance-pop ditty called “Cut the Cheese” and a reggae number called “Total Clear Out.” The self-described “fart artiste” also performs lines from “Romeo & Juliet, Othello” and “Hamlet” accompanied by rips and roars from his backside.

However, Mr. Methane’s explosive album is already getting heat in England from Shakespeare fans who say they’re disgusted over the farting tribute to the Bard.

Members of the Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust say Mr. Methane’s “bottom burping” interrupts the flow of the Bard’s prose, and adds nothing to the beauty of the words.

Mr. Methane is pooh-poohing the Shakespeare lovers and says he won’t stop his gut- busting music until people accept flatulence as a “legitimate art form on a par with opera.”

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