Mon 11-10-97


FALLS VILLAGE, Conn. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Sufferin’ succotash! Old cats like Sylvester now have a retirement home of their own.

The Last Post kitty retreat in Falls Village, Connecticut, is home to more than 300 felines staying at the “retirement village.”

Most of the cats are at the cat retirement home because their owners have either died or live in nursing homes themselves where pets aren’t allowed.

Life at the Last Post is more like a “Club Meow” than a retirement home. The pampered pussies live in climate- controlled cabins with floor-level windows and there are also plenty of sofas and armchairs for scratching and snoozing.

There’s even a “kitty-gym” so the pussycats can keep fit by doing “puss-ups” and “cat- nisthenics.”

Even the cats’ cuisine is four-star: the pets get two gourmet meals a day, regular doses of freshly grown catnip and a turkey dinner every Thanksgiving.

The Last Post charges a one-time fee of $3,000 to take care of an elderly or orphaned cat for the rest of its life.

CONTACT: Jeanne Toomey (Last Post contact); Falls Village, CT; (860) 824-0831

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