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VANCOUVER, B.C. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A Canadian woman who claims to be in contact with leprechauns, fairies and elves says the creatures are planning on starting their own version of the United Nations.

“Leprechaun linguist” Tanis Helliwell says the world’s leprechauns are sick of the way humans run things, so they plan on forming a United Nations-type group to deal with issues important to leprechauns.

Helliwell claims a leprechaun resembling W.C. Fields has told her the little people – whom she calls “elementals” – want humans to do two things: A) stop using pesticides and B) lighten up and party more.

In order to help the Leprechaun United Nations get off the ground, Helliwell will lead a tour group to Ireland in May to actually meet the leprechauns in their native land.

Helliwell is the author of a new book, Summer With The Leprechauns: A True Story (Blue Dolphin Books).

CONTACT: Tanis Helliwell, ; Arrange with Tonya Rehder; Vancouver, B.C.; (604) ***-****

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