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DALLAS, Tex. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Talk about dying to make a buck: A coffin company in Texas has created the world’s first customized caskets to appeal to the hobbies or habits of the deceased.

The line of coffins includes a “Fairway To Heaven” model for dead golfers, which features a picturesque golf course setting and a humorous “Return To Sender” casket which looks like a wrapped cardboard box ready for shipping to the Pearly Gates.

The White Light casket company of Dallas says its “ArtCaskets” are designed to reflect the unique tastes of the person who will be spending eternity in them.

You can even design your own coffin before you die – like the Texas rancher who’s having a picture of his ranch placed on his coffin or the bowler that wants to be buried in a bowling pin-shaped casket.

A company spokesman admits there’s a limit to bad taste, so the company refuses to build any coffins with “Straight To Hell” printed on the side or coffins shaped to look like a nude woman.

CONTACT: Patrick Fant, Dallas, TX; (214) 373-****

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