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ALEXANDRIA, Va. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Remember the flap when it was discovered that Nancy Reagan frequently consulted with an astrologer? Now comes word that some high- level Washington politicians are consulting with a voodoo expert named “Dr. Buzzard.”

Buzzard, who lives in Alexandria, Virginia, claims many of his clients are politicians from nearby Washington who use his special herbs and roots to win votes or get rid of rivals.

Although the 66-year-old won’t reveal the names of his well-known clients, he admits he’s made some of then perform wacky rituals such as bathing at midnight for 13 nights or sprinkling themselves with specially-concocted herbal powders.

Sometimes he sends his patients to cemeteries in the middle of the night and orders them to drop pennies on different graves.

Dr. Buzzard charges as much as $7000 per spell – but he claims it’s worth every penny because his incantations and potions are guaranteed.

CONTACT: Dr. Buzzard, ****; Alexandria, VA; (703) ***-****

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