rr Wireless Flash: NEW CHOCOLATE BAR IS MADE OUT OF MARIJUANA SEEDS Tue 12-16-97 09:50 am


SANTA ROSA, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A company that recently introduced a cheese made out of marijuana is getting ready to market its latest hemp creation: marijuana chocolate bars.

California hemp guru Reginald Rose says the new HempNut Chocolate Bars are the first candy in the world to contain marijuana seeds.

The seeds taste a little like unshelled walnuts and crunch like Rice Krispies. You can’t get high from eating the HempNut bars because they don’t have any psychoactive compounds, but the bars are high in nutrition.

Rose claims the marijuana treat may be the most nutritious candy bar ever made because hemp seeds have more protein than soy beans and contain large amounts of essential fatty acids.

The HempNut Chocolate Bars are expected to hit the market by early spring.

CONTACT: Reginald Rose, ; Arrange with Sandra Weinstein; San Francisco, CA; (415) 435-9941

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