Wed 01-28-98 10:39 am


PUERTO VALLARTA, Mex. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Life is imitating art in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where residents are reporting sightings of a strange creature resembling the monster in the movie Predator.

The film starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and was filmed in the jungles near Puerto Vallarta in 1987, where locals now claim a real monster is on the loose.

The creature is being described as tall and reptilian-like with an odd mucous-like liquid surrounding what appears to be four sets of teeth.

One woman claims to have seen the creature suck up water from a small pond and then squirt it from its mouth 10 yards to knock a monkey out of a tree.

No photos of the “Puerto Vallarta Predator” exist but a cryptozoologist in Mexico City thinks the creature may be related to earlier sightings of the so-called goat-eating “Chupacabras.”

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