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SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The ghost of recently-executed murderer Karla Fay Tucker has placed a curse on her executioners, including Texas governor George Bush, Jr.

That’s according to clairvoyant Dr. James Capers, who claims the spirit of Karla visited him and told him there’s a curse on Bush for allowing her to die by lethal injection last Tuesday (Feb. 3).

The curse supposedly will prevent Bush from realizing his dream of becoming President of the United States, just like his dad, George Bush, Sr.

Karla has also cursed the Supreme Court for not overturning her execution order, and, as a result, two of the justices will die of natural causes or some type of accident within the next two years.

Capers, whose voice sounds amazingly like Little Richard, says Karla’s ghost asked him to spread the word of her curse.

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