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CROCKETT, Tex. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Are androids being assembled at a top secret research lab in Nevada?

Yes, says sci-fi author Kenny Love, who claims he’s uncovered evidence that human-looking androids already exist and will soon infiltrate society.

Love says a team of scientists working near Area 51 in Nevada is putting the final touches on a group of androids with cloned human brains.

The android research is reportedly being funded by a secret group that plans on using the robot-humans as coal miners, astronauts for long-distance space journeys or even as high-tech sex dolls.

Love says he’s also heard rumors that the Internal Revenue Service wants to program the U.S. Tax Code into androids so they can be used as cold-hearted, emotionless IRS agents.

Love, who discovered the real-life android situation while writing an upcoming fictional book called Millennium Eve (Mys-Tech Publishers), says he now fears for his life.

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