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ST. CHARLES. Ill. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The Dog Days of Summer are here and that means your pooch will be spending plenty of time in the sun. To the rescue comes – are you ready? – a line of sunglasses and hats for dogs.

The sunglasses are tiny versions of the human kind, and secure around the pooch’s neck with elastic. The hats attach with elastic loops around the pet’s ears and come in styles such as sailor hats, cowboy hats, baseball caps and flowery Sunday bonnets.

The canine sunblock accessories are being marketed by an Illinois company called McTavish & Company, which claims dogs need to be protected from sunburn.

A spokesperson says even though most dogs have thick coats of fur, they’re still at risk for sunburned noses.

But some veterinarians say that’s not so.

Kansas State University animal dermatologist Dr. Mary Bagladi-Swanson says most dogs have no risk of sunburn – especially on the top of their heads where there’s lots of fur to protect them.

CONTACT: Teri Brejcha (press contact); St. Charles, IL; (630) ***-****; Dr. Bagladi-Swanson requests no further interviews.

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