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FRAMINGHAM, Mass. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – It’s gross to think about, but do you know how many bedbugs are living in your mattress right now?

You can find out thanks to a new gadget that functions sort of like a home pregnancy test for bedbugs.

The device – called the Aclotest Mite Detection Kit – can tell you how many dust mites are in your mattress after you feed it a sample of dust sucked up from your bed. The dust is then mixed in a tube filled with distilled water and a special “bedbug detecting” chemical.

A strip of paper is then dipped into the tube and, just like a pregnancy test, you wait to see what color the paper turns: A bright red color indicates a heavy dust mite infestation of your bed while no color indicated few, if any, bedbugs.

If you’re wondering why anyone would want to know something as gross as a bedbug count, it’s because dust mite allergies are the most common allergy around – leading to lots of stuffy noses and sniffles.

The new mite detection kit costs $22.95.

CONTACT: Deborah Parrish (press contact); Framingham, MA; (508) 877-****, ext. 25; to order the kit call 1-800-553-****

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