Mon 11-10-97


DETROIT (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A new brand of pet food is going to the dogs – literally.

The Detroit-based Oink Oink pet food company has just started selling what it claims is the first dog food created by dogs themselves.

The bone-shaped kibble called “Oinkers Board of Directors Best Dog Food” supposedly was created by six dogs, including a tiny 6-pound Papillion from Missouri and a 150-pound Mastiff from Massachusetts.

The canines helped create the new dog food by trying samples sent to them in the mail while their owners recorded their responses to the different samples.

All six of the pooches now sit on the Oink Oink company’s board of directors, and will receive $500 a year to help develop more dog food and treats to please the puppy palate.

CONTACT: Joe Fucini (Press Contact); West Bloomfield, MI; (248) 788-9155

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