Sun 05-03-98 02:47 pm


CARROLLTON, Texas (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Life is imitating art in the Dallas suburb of Carrollton, Texas, where a man has been declared a real-life Hank Hill by the Dallas Morning News.

52-year-old Charlie Smith beat out more than 130 other potential Hank Hills – and you’ll understand why when you learn the amazing similarities.

Just like Hank, Charlie is a middle-aged Texan who likes to drink beer and shoot the breeze with his best buddies, Bob, Carl and Ski.

Charlie likes mowing the lawn and fixing trucks, and, just like Hank, is the voice of reason in crisis – like the time his son was choking and Charlie calmly said, “Stand up, son, so I can punch you in the stomach.”

He’s now enjoying his 15 minutes of fame as the real-life Hank Hill, but Charlie jokes he’s still waiting for the checks to start rolling in.

CONTACT: Charlie Smith, ***1/2; Carrollton, TX; (972) ***-****

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