Thu 04-02-98 03:00 pm


FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – It’s April Fools’ Day and that means it’s time for magician and skeptic James Randi to hand out his annual “Flying Pig Awards” to people who promote silly and outrageous ideas about the paranormal.

This year’s winners...

  • Princess Di’s psychics. It seems Di consulted with various psychics, astrologers and fortune tellers just before her deadly crash, but none of them predicted her death.

  • The National Institute of Health receives a Flying Pig for spending money to study how much pressure a chiropractor’s thumbs exert on a spinal column. Randi says it should have spent the cash answering one question: Does chiropractic really work?

  • Good Morning America science editor Dr. Michael Guillen gets a Flying Pig Award for unquestioningly supporting New Age notions, usually by booking New Age celebrities to appear with him on camera.

  • And ABC-TV News receives a Flying Pig award for reporting as fact outrageous claims like “cold fusion,” ESP, “magnetic therapy” and other junk science.

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