Tue 11-18-97


BIG BEAR LAKE, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – TV news reporters are busy hyping the gloom and doom about the upcoming El Nino weather pattern, but some people are actually celebrating.

One person jazzed about El Nino is Judi Bower of the Big Bear Mountain Ski Resort in southern California. She says the resort is looking forward to El Nino’s winter storms because it should bring lots of snow to the slopes.

The last big El Nino to hit California was in the 1982-83 ski season and the resort benefitted from huge snowstorms that brought plenty of powder and plenty of skiers.

Skiers aren’t the only ones excited by El Nino. Surfers have already been enjoying killer waves and warm water thanks to the El Nino.

Surfing magazine senior editor Jesse Faen says every surfer he knows is excited about El Nino because it will bring enormous waves to beaches where the surf is usually small.

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