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WINONA RYDER 26 (Actress. Her real name is Winona Laura Horowitz. Timothy Leary was Winona’s godfather. Winona is considered one of the world’s most beautiful women – but when she was 12 years old she was mistaken for a gay boy because she had short hair. Winona was the new kid in school and some of the boys – who thought she was a he – shoved her into a locker, fracturing her rib. She also required six stitches in her head. Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice)

RANDY JACKSON 36 (Michael’s brother, sung with Jackson 5)

KATE JACKSON 49 (Actress. Played Sabrina Duncan on Charlie’s Angels)

RICHARD DREYFUSS 50 (Actor. He described his early roles in film as “dinks” – squirrelly guys who wear glasses. When Dreyfuss was a teenager, he spent a lot of time in the principal’s office at Beverly Hills High after talking back to his teachers. Dreyfuss – who hung around in high school with Rob Reiner and Albert Brooks – says he was inspired to become an actor thanks to his drama teacher, Rose Jane Landau. He says she made him feel as high as a kite and credits her for inspiring him, Reiner and Brooks to become actors. Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind; American Graffiti)

MELBA MOORE 52 (Singer and actress.)


• 14 Years Ago Today: Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” became the longest listed album in the history of the Billboard music charts. On this day in 1983 the album reached 491 weeks on the chart. (1983)

• 24 Years Ago Today: O.J. Simpson set two NFL records while playing for the Buffalo Bills. Simpson ran 39 times for 157 yards and rushed a total of over 1,000 yards in only seven games. (1973)

• 52 Years Ago Today: Ball point pens were sold to the public for the first time at Gimbels Department Store in New York City. The first pens sold for $12.50. (1945)

• 55 Years Ago Today: The Alaska Highway was completed. (1942)

• 68 Years Ago Today: Stock prices on Wall Street collapsed on “Black Tuesday,” triggering the Great Stock Market Crash of 1929. So many investors committed suicide that hotel owners asked their customers if they wanted rooms for sleeping or jumping. The crash was the start of the Great Depression, which lasted about 10 years. (1929)

• 379 Years Ago Today: Sir Walter Raleigh’s head was whacked off in the Tower of London after an unsuccessful expedition to Guiana. Two blows were required to sever Sir Walter’s head. His wife had his head preserved in a jar which she kept by her side until she died. (16

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