Wed 12-03-97


CLEARWATER, Fla. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A weight-loss expert in Florida has invented a new bra that increases bust size for flat- chested ladies AND reduces bust size for large-breasted ladies.

Inventor Victoria Morton claims her “It’s All You” bra requires a custom-fitting where material within the bra is adjusted to either increase or decrease bust size.

Once it’s adjusted, the $50 bra shifts loose skin around the bustline into the breast area to increase bust size or it packs the breasts into the bra to decrease bust size.

Morton claims women who wear the new bra continuously can actually retrain their breasts to maintain the increased or decreased boob size even when the bra is taken off.

CONTACT: Victoria Morton, 1/2; Arrange with Vicki Southard; San Jose, CA; (408) 452-0442

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