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LAKEWOOD, Ohio (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A world-renowned curse expert in Lakewood, Ohio, claims comedian Phil Hartman and four other Saturday Night Live performers were killed by a bizarre voodoo curse.

Curse expert Miriam Garabrant believes the “SNL Curse” is revenge by a disgruntled script writer whose work was rejected by Saturday Night Live producers.

The curse – if it exists – has already taken its toll on John Belushi who died in 1982, Chris Farley who died last year, Gilda Radner who died in 1989 and Danitra Vance who died in 1994.

Garabrant claims the rebuffed writer probably cursed the comedians by creating voodoo puppets of the SNL cast members and then knocking them off a toy TV set with a slingshot.

Apparently, the writer’s voodoo curse somehow harms its victims by amplifying their own weaknesses – which may be why former SNL cast member Robert Downey, Jr. is in so much hot water these days.

Garabrant claims she can stop the curse and protect any still-alive SNL cast members, but only if the stars call her up and ask her personally.

CONTACT: Miriam Garabrant, Lakewood, OH; (216) ***-****

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