Fri 02-27-98 12:10 pm


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Have you ever wondered what happens to all the leftover grease and oil used by fast food joints?

Some of the grease ends up in your dog’s kibble – and it’s giving the Animal Protection Institute a sour stomach.

The group says old oil is collected by rendering companies which process it to remove impurities. It’s then sold to pet food companies who put in Fido’s pet food.

The National Renderers Association admits recycled fryer oil is used in pet food, even though the stuff is considered “inedible” for humans. Old restaurant grease is also used for industrial purposes including manufacturing of lubricants and tires.

The Animal Protection Institute says one tipoff that your pooch’s pet food may contain recycled fryer grease are the words “...animal fat preserved with...” on the ingredient label.

CONTACT: Tina Perry (Animal Protection Institute); Sacramento, CA; (916) 731-****; National Renderers Association; Alexandria, VA; (703) 683-****

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