Tue 10-28-97


NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Looks like Barney the dinosaur may be into S&M.

According to Discover magazine, scientists now think male dinosaurs deliberately cracked their tails like whips to attract females for mating.

Paleontologist Phil Currie says male dinosaurs with long tails would attract their lovers by whipping their tails around to create loud sonic booms. Researchers say the booms may have been louder than an airplane taking off and could be heard for miles.

Currie says the dinosaurs with the longest tails created the loudest racket and attracted the most ladies – which suggests that the female dinosaurs may have been “size queens” looking for the biggest tail to fulfill their “neolithic needs.”

CONTACT: Phil Currie; Arrange with Bella Wagner (Discover Contact); NYC; (212) 633-4460

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