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Wireless Flash Datebook For Wed., Nov. 12, 1997


MAYTE 24 (Married to The Artist Formerly Known As Prince. Mayte was born in Puerto Rico and her full name is Mayte Garcia.)

TONYA HARDING 27 (Figure skater. Her ex-husband sabotaged Harding’s rival, Nancy Kerrigan, after he hatched a plot with Tonya’s bodyguard to disable Kerrigan by smacking the back of her knee with a pipe. For her part, Tonya was sentenced to three years’ probation, slapped with a $100,000 fine and ordered to serve 500 hours of community service. Her husband, Jeff Gilooly, is now married to Tonya’s former hairdresser, whom he set up in a beauty salon with the money he received by selling Tonya’s topless honeymoon photos.)

DAVID SCHWIMMER 31 (Actor. The Friends star may be a sex symbol these days but back in his high school days he was a chubby nerd. “Nobody knew I existed,” he says. Schwimmer was never part of the “in crowd,” but high school did give him a chance to try acting and to meet his real life best friend – Single Guy star Jonathan Silverman. Before Friends became a huge hit, Schwimmer and Friends co-star Matthew Perry would walk around New York and look for people who recognized them. Then the two of them would stand in front of the Calvin Klein store for 20 minutes and ask everyone who recognized them, ‘Do you know where Calvin Klein is?’ Perry says the fans would walk away thinking they were morons. )

NADIA COMANECI 36 (Romanian Olympic gymnast who is now married to American Olympic gymnast Bart Connors. Nadia was only 14 years old when she scored a perfect 10 on the uneven parallel bars for the first time in Olympic history.)

NEIL YOUNG 52 (Singer & songwriter. Young is a co-owner of the Lionel toy train company. “Rockin’ In The Free World” (1989) “Heart Of Gold” (1972), With Crosby, Stills Nash & Young: “Teach Your Children” (1970), “Woodstock” (1970))

AL MICHAELS 53 (Sportscaster)

BRIAN HYLAND 54 (Singer. Hyland – whose cousin was Larry of The Three Stooges – says he’s not upset that he’s best remembered for one of the silliest songs in history: 1960’s “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Polka Dot Bikini.” The song actually is a true story and was written about Paula Vance, the 2-year-old daughter of songwriter Paul Vance. Little Paula was frolicking on the beach in her bikini when her dad got the idea for the song. Ironically, the tune was once banned from the air for being too racy. Hyland says his career almost flopped after he fell into a novelty tune rut and cranked out awful songs including one called “It Was Lopsided, Overloaded and It Wiggled When We Rode It.” Other Hyland Top 10 hits: “Gypsy Woman” (1970), “Sealed With a Kiss” (1962).)

CHARLES MANSON 63 (Leader of the Manson cult. He was abandon by his mother who once told a reporter she couldn’t remember if he was born on November 11th or November 12th. Manson once auditioned for a role on the ’60s TV show The Monkees, but was rejected because he wasn’t “cute enough.” On August 9, 1969, Manson’s groupies murdered four people in the ritzy Bel Air section of Los Angeles. Manson later blamed the murders on a “secret message” he heard on the Beatles White Album which instructed him to commit the murders. The song was Helter Skelter, and Manson told his followers, “Now is the time for Helter Skelter!” He was convicted of the murders and sentenced to death in 1971, but Mason’s still sitting in prison.)

Former actress and Princess of Monaco GRACE KELLEY would have been 68 today. She died in a car accident in 1982. Kelley met Prince Rainer of Monaco in 1955 while filming the movie To Catch A Thief.


• 6 Years Ago Today: The 100th episode of Full House aired on ABC. On the show twin boys were born to Uncle Jesse and Rebecca. (1991)

• 14 Years Ago Today: Cabbage Patch Dolls were introduced. (1983)

• 17 Years Ago Today: New York City mayor Ed Koch admitted that he had tried smoking marijuana. (1980)

• 42 Years Ago Today: This is the date that Michael J. Fox returned to in the Back To The Future flick. (1955)

• 43 Years Ago Today: After being the first stop for more than 20 million immigrants to the U.S., Ellis Island closed its doors as a processing center. It had been in use for 62 years. (1954)

• 51 Years Ago Today: The Exchange National Bank in Chicago opened the world’s first drive-through bank teller. Motorists drove to one of 10 windows where tellers sat behind bullet-proof glass. (1946)

• 64 Years Ago Today: The Loch Ness monster was photographed for the first time by a man named Hugh Gray. Gray clicked off five photos of what appeared to be an odd creature of considerable size bobbing around the Scottish lake. The photos have since been proven to be a hoax. (1933)

• 70 Years Ago Today: Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish football team changed the color of its jerseys from blue to green. (1927)

• 87 Years Ago Today: The world’s first movie stunt was filmed on this day in New York City when a man jumped out of a burning balloon and into the Hudson River. (1910)

• 138 Years Ago Today: A French athlete named Jules Leotard performed the world’s first flying trapeze circus act in Paris. Leotard also designed the tight one- piece outfit that bears his name. (1859)

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