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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A 48-year-old California voice effects artist claims The Guinness Book Of World Records is biased in favor of citizens of the British Commonwealth.

Ever since 1978, Stan Lemkuil has attempted to win the Guinness record for “World’s Loudest Person” – but he claims whenever he submitted a world record, Guinness editors in Britain would “rig” the contest to make sure a Brit would win.

Lemkuil claims Guinness officials actually trained someone to beat his record and then staged an event just before publication of its book so no one could challenge the record.

A Guinness editor in Britain also reportedly told Lemkuil that the record book was created to settle bar bets in British pubs, so there’s a vested interest in promoting record holders where Guinness sells lots of beer.

The proof might just be in the pudding, because the current “World’s Loudest Person” titleholder is a resident of Australia.

But John Hansen, the research editor for the American version of the Guinness Book of World Records, denies that there is any bias and says editors of the upcoming global edition will be very scrupulous when gathering data to avoid any hint of scandal.

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