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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Next time you puke your guts out, thank William Shakespeare.

According to a new book called Coined By Shakespeare (Merriam-Webster), Shakespeare is responsible for coining hundreds of well-known words including “skim milk,” “gossip” and “puke.”

Shakespeare first used “puke” in As You Like It where he compares life’s “first act” to an infant “...puking in the nurse’s arms.”

The term “skim milk” is used in Henry IV to describe a person’s lack of character.

“Gossip” was first uttered in Comedy Of Errors where it meant “to make merry,” not “to spread rumors.”

The word “luggage” is used in Henry IV to describe something that is inconveniently heavy.

Shakespeare also coined the term “obscene,” which he borrowed from the Latin word, “obscenus,” meaning “repulsive.”

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