Wed 10-29-97


KING, N.C. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Some pet sitters really have to go to the doghouse for their customers.

That’s according to Patti Moran, president of Pet Sitter’s International, and author of a new book called A Funny Thing Happened While Pet Sitting (PSI).

Moran says one pet-sitter had a cow when she realized the cat she was watching was trapped under a bathtub by workers who were installing tiles around the old claw-footed tub.

The klutzy kitty survived, but only after the pet sitter chipped through a ton of irreplaceable Italian marble tiles to free the poor thing.

Another pet-sitting horror story involves a perky puppy named Riley who swallowed a winter glove while his owners were away.

Vets had to feed the puppy a baby bottle filled with hydrogen- peroxide in order to make him puke up the glove.

And then there’s the pet-sitter who watched over a fussy parrot who would throw hissy fits unless he was showered, shampooed, and then blow-dried by his sitter.

CONTACT: Patti Moran; arrange interviews thru Cara Haynes; King, NC; (910) 983-9222

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