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LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Older women have an edge over younger women – at least when it comes to phone sex.

That’s according to Rocky Bennett, author of an upcoming book called Dirty Talk: Diary Of A Phone Sex Mistress (Prometheus Books).

Bennett, a 29-year-old supervisor at one of the nation’s largest phone sex services, says women over the age of 50 make some of the best “phone sex mistress” because they know exactly what a man wants.

She’s hired women old enough to be grandmothers – one of them was in her early 60s – to coo softly over the “900” number sex lines.

Men calling the numbers should also know that the cute blonde “cheerleader” at the other end of the line might really be a man. Bennett says some of the lines are manned by young men who can make their voice sound feminine.

If talking dirty for an honest buck still sounds good to you, you should be warned: You’d better love your work because Bennett says phone sex doesn’t pay much more than other telemarketing job.

CONTACT: Rocky Bennett, *****; Arrange with Christine Kramer; Amherst, NY; (716) 691-^^^^, ext. 219 or 1-800-853-^^^^

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