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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Today (Jun. 29) marks the 20th anniversary of the day Hogan’s Heroes star Bob Crane was found murdered in a Scottsdale, Arizona, condominium.

Crane – who at the time was appearing in a play entitled Beginner’s Luck – was discovered with an electrical cord tied in a bow around his neck after being beaten to death with his camera tripod.

A video camera and tape recorder were found at the murder scene as well as several kinky videotapes featuring Crane cavorting with different women.

Although Crane’s friend and video technician John Henry Carpenter was tried for the murder, he was acquitted in 1994 – so the murder remains a mystery.

The condo where Crane was murdered is now owned by a couple who want no publicity, but the condo complex still attracts ghoulish lookie-loos hoping to catch a glimpse of the crime scene.

Last year a nightclub which occupies the building where Crane last performed hired a psychic to exorcise the sitcom star’s spirit.

CONTACT: Chris Boylo, owner, The Buzz Funbar nightclub ****; Scottsdale, AZ, (602) ***-****

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