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SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A new tour at the San Diego Zoo is bringing new meaning to the term “eat like a pig.”

The so-called “Incredible Edibles” tour actually takes animal lovers to several animal pens where the humans can sample some of the animals’ food.

When the tour stops at the panda exhibit, visitors get to sample a prefabricated high-fiber pellet made out of beet pulp. It’s a staple of the pandas diets.

At the parrot cages, zoo guests get to taste a bird biscuit made out of apples, corn, cheese and chili spice.

Adventurous animal lovers also get to eat nasturtium flowers which are similar to the flowers consumed by iguanas and tree kangaroos.

Not all of the animals are such wild eaters, however. One species of monkey loves popcorn, so tourists will get to sample some of that when they visit the monkey cages.

The unusual tour will start July 12th.

CONTACT: Stephanie Weaver, **** (tour’s creator); Arrange thru Christina Simmons; San Diego, CA; (619) ***-****

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