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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Human cloning may be off limits right now, but you’ll soon have a chance to make a duplicate of your dog or cat.

A Las Vegas company called Cloneaid says it will start offering a pet cloning service within the next few months.

Cloneaid scientific director Dr. Brigette Boisselier (Bwa- solay) says the company will be able to clone anything from a cherished dog or cat to a moneymaking thoroughbred race horse.

Although Cloneaid’s price list for cloning pets is still being established, Boisselier figures the cloning procedure for a horse will probably cost about $100,000. Other animals may be cheaper based on the size of the animal and the gestation period.

The company thinks its biggest markets for pet clones will come from wealthy people who want to add a few years to their pet’s lives and professional breeders who will want to clone champion animals for stud purposes.

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