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LAKE GROVE, New York (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The current increase in solar sunspot activity could mean an increase in vampire sightings.

That’s according to vampire expert Joel Martin, who heads the Vampire Research Center in Lake Grove, New York.

Martin claims there’s a direct correlation between an increase in sunspots and vampire activity, possibly because sunspots cause fewer ultraviolet rays to hit Earth.

The theory is that reduced light intensity makes life easier for sun-sensitive vampires and gives them more energy to paint the town red with their own kind.

Martin says cities that should have extra-heavy vampire activity this year include New York, Los Angeles, London and Berlin.

Although the vampire vamping should last until early 1999, Martin says the average person isn’t at risk of becoming a “Bloody Mary.”

He says vampires will only drink blood when it’s consensual because blood from a terrified or “stressed out” donor tastes bad and is unsuitable for drinking.

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