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Wireles Flash Datebook: Tuesday, December 2, 1997


MONICA SELES 24 (Tennis player. Monica says she considers her Muhammad Ali autograph to be one of her prized possessions.)

TRACY AUSTIN 35 (Tennis player)

RANDY GARDNER 39 (Figure skater)

STONE PHILLIPS 43 (TV news personality. Dateline NBC. Phillips once received an off-color e-mail note from an NBC co-worker complimenting him on his “...nice butt.” Stone says when he tracked down the sender of the message, he discovered Today show co-host Katie Couric was the culprit “behind” the heiney harassment. An NBC spokeswoman dismissed the incident as “...a joke among friends.”)

CATHY LEE CROSBY 48 (The former That’s Incredible TV host says the show’s producers fought with ABC executives for four days over whether Cathy Lee should wear a bra on the show. Crosby calls it the notorious “Nipple Memo” and says she won after telling the big shots that they should be more concerned about the show and not her underwear. Cathy Lee is a gifted mimic who loves to do weird voices and impressions at the drop of a hat. She says she has literally hundreds of people inside her brain and says her hobby sometimes confuses her co-workers because “...they aren’t always sure who they’re talking to.” Crosby says she was born in 1949 not in 1944 or 1948 as reported by some sources.)

EDWIN MEESE 66 (Former U.S. attorney general)

ALEXANDER HAIG 73 (Former Secretary of State who incorrectly told the press that he was in charge of the country after Ronald Reagan was shot in 1981.)

Fashion designer GIANNI VERSACE would have been 51 today. Versace was allegedly murdered by “spree killer” Andrew Cunanan in 1997. One of the last designs by Versace was a leopard print ensemble he created for Barbie dolls.


• 15 Years Ago Today: A 61-year-old retired dentist from Seattle named Barney Clark became the first human to receive a permanent artificial heart. Clark survived for almost 112 days after the artificial heart was implanted. (1982)

• 23 Years Ago Today: Stripper Fanne Fox made the headlines when it was revealed that she was having an affair on Capitol Hill with House Leader Wilbur Mills. (1974)

• 31 Years Ago Today: December 2, 1966, was a special Friday for beef-loving Catholics in the United States. This was the first Friday Catholics in the U.S. could eat meat after the Pope exempted Americans from the Church’s meatless Fridays. (1966)

• 45 Years Ago Today: The world’s first nuclear power plant accident occurred at a nuclear reactor at Chalk River, Canada, when a worker mistakenly lifted four fuel rods. It ignited a chain reaction that melted part of the uranium. (1952)

• 45 Years Ago Today: George Jorgensen – the first American to undergo a sex change operation – prepared to return to the U.S. after spending two years in Denmark where he was transformed into a woman. The former American G.I. received 2,000 hormone injections and six operations performed by Danish sex change surgeons. (1952)

• 45 Years Ago Today: NBC-TV aired the first televised human birth. Viewers witnessed the delivery of a 5-pound, 7-ounce boy named Gordon Kerr. The show was broadcast from a hospital in Denver as part of the network’s March of Medicine program. (1952)

• 70 Years Ago Today: Ford introduced its Model A car which replaced the Model T. The first Model A was unveiled simultaneously at New York City’s Waldorf Hotel and 35 other big cities in the United States, Canada and Europe. Back then, a stripped-down Model A sold for $395.00 while the Tudor Sedan cost $495.00. Ford manufactured the Model A until 1931. (1927)

• 193 Years Ago Today: Napoleon Bonaparte crowned himself emperor of France. Napoleon had some pretty odd habits including pinching other people’s ears, sprinkling perfume on his horses and staring at corpses. Some historians believe Bonaparte was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo because he was suffering from hemorrhoids which prevented him from sitting on his horse to survey the battle scene. (1804)

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