Thu 11-20-97


NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Snotty New Yorkers may be the reason why New York City is infested with so many rats.

That’s according to “angel therapist” Belinda Womack, who says sewer rats are psychic sponges that suck up negative energy from humans.

Womack says cities like New York have a surplus of rats because New Yorkers have negative attitudes and cranky moods that magnetically attract rats.

How can New York solve its rat problem?

The angel therapist recommends that New Yorkers “...create a reality of joy, oneness and good.” Then the toxic feelings would disappear along with the rats.

Womack is the author of a new book, Angels Guide (Angels Guide Books), which will be hitting book stores in the next few weeks.

CONTACT: Belinda Womack, ; Arrange with Eileen Duhne; San Francisco, CA; (415) 459-2573

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