Wed 12-03-97


GAINESVILLE, Fla. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Did you ever wonder what type of bug that blob of goo on your windshield was before it hit your car at 70 miles per hour?

Entomologist Dr. Mark Hostetler wondered, too, so he wrote a new book called That Gunk On Your Car: A Unique Guide To Insects Of North America (Ten Speed Press).

Here’s how you can identify the smashed remains:

Grasshoppers usually leave a big long smear of smooth yellowish gunk about 10-80 mm in length.

Mosquitos leave a tiny, grey-black dot with a touch of red if they’ve been drinking blood.

Cicadas will leave a splattered carcass that is white with brown body bits.

A smashed horsefly will leave a big white splat with blood.

Dr. Hostetler says his favorite smashed bug is the butterfly which leaves a “...thick gooey, yellow stain with lumps in it.”

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