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FAIRHAVEN, N.J. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Actors Helen Hunt and Matt Damon will walk away with Oscars this year.

That’s the forecast from statistician Jay Bennett, who has developed a scientific system for predicting who will win Oscars.

If a nominated actor appears in a Best Picture nominated film, their chances for winning are increased – unless they’ve already won. In that case, it’s a handicap. The odds also increase the closer the actor is to age 43.

Using this system, 27-year-old Damon has the best odds of winning a Best Actor because his movie, Good Will Hunting, is nominated for Best Picture, he’s never won an Oscar before, and he’s closer to 43 than any of his competitors.

Hunt is the favored winner for Best Actress because she appears in the Best Picture-nominee As Good As it Gets and, at age 34, she’s closer to the “magic age” of 43 than her closest rival, 22-year-old Kate Winslet.

The system may sound strange, but it works: Bennett accurately predicted last year’s Oscar winners using his system.

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