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NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Astrology isn’t just for humans anymore – now cats are receiving astrological readings.

That’s according to Simone Reyes and Ken Compton, authors of a new book called Astrology For Cats, who claim you can learn a lot about your cat’s personality if you know the astrological sign it was born under.

According to the authors, Aries cats are loving and full of energy, while Taurus kitties are calm and predictable.

Gemini felines are explorer-types, Cancer cats are sensitive, and Leos are show-offs.

Cats born under Virgo are intelligent and make good companions, while Libras are real family- lovers who will wait at the door for their owners to come home from work.

Scorpio kitties can read their owners like a book, Sagittarius felines are playful, and Capricorn cats are mature.

Finally, Aquarius cats are tomboys who are easily bored, while Pisces are sensitive and gentle.

CONTACT: Simone Reyes & Ken Compton; Arrange thru Diane Voreis; Glendale Heights, IL; (630) ***-****, ext. 111

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