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CHICAGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If the new X-Files movie has inspired you to dip your toes into the paranormal, a man in Chicago can help.

A Chicago-based ghostbuster named Howard Heim is offering ghost hunting classes to teach ghostbusting basics to would-be Agent Mulders or Scullys.

Students who attend his “Ghost Hunting 101” classes learn how to use cameras, camcorders and compasses to detect the presence of paranormal beings.

Heim says ordinary compasses often go haywire when ghosts are around because the spirits screw up the electromagnetic frequency.

Students are also warned not to smoke cigarettes when ghost hunting because puffs of smoke can look like a spook when the photos are developed.

Although Heim says his ghost hunting classes are safe, he admits some clients have had some spooky encounters.

He claims three of his students were driving on the freeway when an “energy vampire” yanked on the steering wheel in an attempt to force them off the road.

CONTACT: Howard Heim, ****; Chicago, IL; (773) ***-****

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