Wed 10-29-97


BOSTON, Mass. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If you think people are ruder than ever, blame political correctness.

According to Boston-based manners expert Dr. Alex Packer, political correctness is a well-intentioned idea, but it has ended up making a mockery of genuine kindness.

He says the P.C. movement allows folks to get away with rude behavior under the guise of “being themselves.” As a result, he says folks are afraid to deal with conflicts head on because they’re afraid they’ll be labelled as “racists” or “chauvinists.”

Packer says the P.C. movement is an attempt to legislate moral behavior that previously was regulated by the rules of etiquette. He says when people stop using good manners, that’s when they start suing each other.

Packer is the author of the new teen etiquette book, How Rude! The Teenagers’ Guide To Good Manners, Proper Behavior, And Not Grossing People Out (Free Spirit).

CONTACT: Dr. Alex Packer, ****; Arrange thru Nancy Robinson; Minneapolis, MN; (612) 338-2068

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