Fri 02-13-98 08:58 am


LONG BEACH, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – President Clinton’s sex life is out of this world – literally.

That’s according to UFO expert Dr. Terry Johnson, who claims aliens have been abducting Bill and Hillary Clinton for the past 15 years and forcing them to participate in a bizarre E.T. breeding program.

Johnson says the aliens are abducting the President and First Lady and telepathically forcing them to have sex to create half- human, half-alien embryos that are raised by the E.T.s.

Don’t expect the Prez to answer any questions about his alien “sexcapades,” because Johnson says the aliens erase the Clinton’s memories of the abductions.

Although Clinton is a popular breeding specimen, Johnson claims the aliens aren’t giving him any special treatment.

And if you’re wondering, the answer is no: he’s never seen Monica Lewinsky aboard the alien spacecraft.

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