Tue 10-28-97


LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Old sitcom stars never die: they just become directors.

That’s the case with Ron Palillo, who’s best known as whiny remedial student “Arnold Horshack” from the old Welcome Back Kotter TV show.

According to Backstage West, Palillo is now the director of a new musical about stand-up comedians called 3 Guys Naked From the Waist Down, which will open in Los Angeles Thursday (Oct. 30).

Palillo says directing has helped him finally get over being typecast as Horshack – although he admits he was so angry at how Hollywood treated him when Welcome Back Kotter ended in 1979 that he practically went into seclusion for four years.

He also had nose and chin jobs so he wouldn’t resemble the beaky sitcom character anymore.

By the way, if you’re wondering where Palillo came up with Horshack’s voice, he modeled it after his aunt’s speech pattern and his father’s wheezing laugh.

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