Wed 12-03-97


SABILLASVILLE, Maryland (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The TV series X-Files may be more truth than fiction.

UFO researcher Dr. Bruce Maccabee says recently declassified documents prove the FBI actually kept secret X-Files-type records on UFO sightings from the late ’40s until the late ’70s.

The Feds filed flying saucer findings under the name “Flying Discs: Security Matter-X,” which means the documents are literally the real X-Files.

Although FBI Bureau Chief J. Edgar Hoover repeatedly denied the FBI was ever interested in UFOs, Maccabee says the newly discovered files prove agents were assigned to investigate saucer sightings under the assumption that UFOs were high-tech Russian spy planes.

The real “X-Files” also show that while the government had logical explanations for 97 percent of all UFO sightings, 3 percent were classified as “unknown” – and some Air Force officials seriously considered the possibility the saucers were alien in origin.

Maccabee is the author of a new book called The UFO/FBI Connection (Maccabee Publishing).

CONTACT: Bruce Maccabee, 1/2; Sabillasville, MD; (540) 653- 2652

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