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MIAMI, Fla. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – An 80-year-old man in Miami plans on becoming a millionaire the hard way – one penny at a time.

For the last two months, 80-year-old Sy Bondy has been asking each person he meets for one penny to accomplish his goal. So far, the would-be millionaire has collected five million pennies or $50,000 in cold copper cash.

However, Bondy says he won’t rest until he collects 100 million pennies from 100 million people because he wants to show the world that one man – and one penny – can make a difference.

If he continues collecting pennies at his present rate, Bondy should reach the $1 million mark sometime in August, 2001, when he will have collected 250 tons of pennies.

Although Bondy is getting most of his pennies from passers-by, he’s asking folks to mail him pennies too – even though it costs 32 cents to mail a penny. In return, he promises a hand- written thank-you note and a one-penny share of stock in the I Made Sy Bondy A Millionaire Company.

Bondy plans on donating half of his loot to charity.

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