Mon 11-15-04

BALTIMORE (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) -- Think the public restrooms in America stink? You're not alone.

A newly-formed group called the North American Restroom Association (NARA) is fighting for better toilets -- and more of them -- across the U.S.

Co-founder Steven Soifer -- who also runs an organization for "pee-shy" types who clam up in public restrooms -- says the main mission is to increase the number of public toilets so a person doesn't have to walk any more than five minutes to find one.

He'd also like to see an end to the urinal "troughs" in some men's bathrooms and the construction of floor-to-ceiling dividers to ensure privacy between urinals.

NARA just started in September, but is already becoming a force in the world of toilet reform. Representatives will be presenting their proposals at the World Toilet Summit in Beijing Nov. 17-19.

CONTACT: Steven Soifer; (800) 247-3864; (410) 601-0027

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