Wed 11-10-04

HEWLETT, N.Y. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) -- Remaining wide awake while a surgeon cuts into your face sounds like a scenario from a creepy horror movie, but that's actually the basis for a new facelift technique currently gaining popularity in New York.

Long Island-based plastic surgeon Dr. Zachary Gerut allows patients to opt for a wide-awake facelift in which the face is numbed with just Novocain while he does his work.

He's performed about 25 of the procedures since last May, and says the process calms the fears of patients afraid of "going under" with general anesthesia.

Patients reportedly recover faster from swelling and bruising from two-to-three weeks down to two-to-three days, which has made it desirable for busy career types and showbiz professionals.

Although some may find it creepy to stay awake during surgery, Gerut maintains "there's nothing scary about being awake."

And what about hearing grotesque noises from the scalpels? Gerut says the sounds are no scarier than the "snip-snip" of a haircut.

CONTACT: Dr. Zachary Gerut; Arrange with Meghan Berger; (212) 213-6444, ext. 17

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