Thu 01-14-99 10:20 am


PORTLAND, Me. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – It looks like Frank Sinatra isn’t enjoying the afterlife after all – at least if you believe a man who claims to regularly communicate with the deceased.

The Reverend Speaker Gerald Polley of Portland, Maine, claims Sinatra is one of thousands of people who have been barred from entering heaven because they died in California.

Polley says Californians have been banned from the Pearly Gates because the state is filled with so many evil demons. As a result, Sinatra and others are being kept in a limbo state in a sort of ethereal Ramada Inn – comfortable, but not exactly a four-star joint.

Apparently, Sinatra is so angry about being banned from heaven that Polley claims the powers- that-be sent Dean Martin to calm down Ol’ Blue Eyes.

Unfortunately, Polley says there’s nothing Sinatra can do to get into heaven until the California ban expires in 100 years.

CONTACT: Reverend Speaker Gerald Polley, Portland, ME; (207) 772-****

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