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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Here’s one more sign that the ‘80s revival is out of control: Hallmark cards is bringing back the Rainbow Brite doll.

The multi-colored moppet has had a makeover and is back on store shelves for the first time in years, and toy industry insiders predict the doll could make a John Travolta-style comeback.

A few things have changed since Rainbow Brite’s early ‘80s heyday: Instead of go-go boots and a pouf skirt, she now wears a neon-colored tunic, leggings and green Mary Jane shoes.

Her big ‘80s-style rainbow-colored hairdo has been toned down and replaced with longer, blonde hair featuring subtle rainbow highlights.

The new Rainbow Brite is also “politically correct” and has a multicultural cast of friends including Hispanic, Asian, Native American and light and dark-skinned African- American versions.

CONTACT: Kathi Nestor Mishek (Hallmark Cards); Kansas City, MO; (816) 274-7630

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