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BERGEN COUNTY, N.J. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Here’s something that’s bound to make you flush with embarrassment – your bathroom reveals secrets about your personality.

According to psychologist Dr. Barbara Farrell, the bathroom is one of the most intimate rooms in the house, so it reflects the owner’s personality more than other rooms.

If your bathroom is a mess with hair in the sink, toothpaste dribbled all over the floor and a wet toilet seat, you’re probably a childish slob who wants other people to clean up your messes.

If you scrub your tile with a toothbrush, line up all your medicine bottles in a perfect row and keep 30 rolls of toilet paper on hand, you’re probably an anxious type who needs to control people.

If you decorate your bathroom with lots of mirrors so you can see yourself at every angle, Farrell says you’re probably vain and possibly an exhibitionist.

Finally, folks who paint their bathrooms in subdued colors like gray or blue are laid-back types who like to meditate and relax while they’re in the can.

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